Why Internships are Beneficial

As many of you may have already seen on our social media accounts, we have had a new member join our team. Chloe is a third year student in MTU, studying Marketing. She will be joining the Babelfís team for the next 15 weeks, learning about all things marketing.

What is a day like as an intern at Babelfís;

As an intern in Babelfís, no day is ever the same. Being part of an agency means you get to see and try all the different aspects of marketing, the creative content making, the networking, the proposals and the never ending planning for new exciting projects. As projects come in, the team collaborates together to think of new unique ideas for their clients, so if you’re thinking of joining the team make sure you can think outside of the box!

To give you a small insight into what a day could look like as an intern with Babelfís, it may include anything from creating fun video content at The VQ to writing a blog about interning at Babelfís. As an intern, there is a lot to learn about the planning and preparation that goes into a successful marketing campaign, this is the part that people rarely see. It ensures that we have high quality content ready to go each day without any stress.

Why are internships important if you are looking to get into the marketing industry? Let’s ask Chloe

1. Opportunity to learn about yourself

Before starting my internship, I wasn’t sure how I was going to put into practice the material I learned in college, but after starting my internship it all quickly fell into place. From the first few weeks in my internship, I have realised that marketing is definitely the career I want to pursue in the future. I find that you discover skills you may otherwise not realise you already had, such as self motivation, creative thinking and creating content, which I feel I have really developed since starting with the Babelfís team.

2. Exposure to the working world

Although in college they teach you about the tools you need and how you can apply them, it is not until you start working in that environment that you gain a true understanding for how you can use these tools. Having previous experience working as part of a team with good communication skills will definitely benefit you when entering the marketing industry as working with a team of creative designers and marketers works best when collaborating to get the best ideas and end results.

3. Establishing connection

From starting my internship I have already had many chances to network and build professional connections. As we leave the days of networking online, I look forward to meeting and building relationships with more people in Cork. I have learned that building a good network of people is essential for my professional growth within the marketing industry.

4. Getting professional feedback

Feedback is extremely important when doing an internship. I am lucky to be learning in such a collaborative environment at Babelfís, my colleagues are always readily available to give me their feedback. Through this feedback, I can continue to progress as I can see the standard of work they expect, as well as begin to identify my own mistakes. Each week, my confidence is building as their opinions will help me with my future work. This feedback will be valuable to me when I enter my final year of studies as I can reflect on what my role was as an intern at Babelfís.

Each of these activities and skills are interesting but also exciting and I look forward to what each new day at Babelfís brings.