Client Highlight – Alpine Skate Trail

What seemed to be the problem

Cool Running Events are the famous owners of the well-known ice-skating pop-up Cork on Ice. We collaborated with the Cool Running team to create a new brand and visual identity for their new endeavor, Alpine Skate Trail. Their team had the incredible idea to build Ireland’s first ever ice-skating trail in Fota. We were immediately super excited to be involved in such a unique project and couldn’t wait to begin. It was important to the team to keep the memory of “Cork on Ice” alive within the brand, they had built a family of loyal customers over the years which they created great relationships with. Therefore, they wanted to ensure customers knew it was the same people behind the scenes and their values were still tied to this new business.

We can help with that…

We began generating a new name for the project, the Cool Running team had illustrated that the theme and build of the trail would be somewhat like the ski chalets in the Alps. It was important for us to capture not only the magic of the experience but also this rustic natural beauty of the Alps within the name… and just like that the story of Alpine Skate Trail began.

We then began the creative process for Alpine Stake Trail. Creating a colour scheme that kept in touch with the previous logo of Cork on Ice whilst building its own identity with new fonts and imagery.

Once the brand was complete, we started to build a social media strategy for the launch of the new brand. As they were keeping the social media profiles of Cork on Ice it was important for us to break away from the old Cork on Ice content to ensure customers could distinguish between the two. We created a 9-week organic social media strategy with an intensive launch to ensure the Alpine Skate Trail got attraction from all over Cork and its nearby counties.

…And we did

For the roll out of the social media strategy, we created eye-catching content for Instagram, Facebook, MailChimp and graphics for their paid advertising campaign. We also wrote a press release announcing the launch of Alpine Skate Trail, which made the headlines of many local news distributors.

Once the Cool Running team launched Alpine Skate Trail it was an immediate success. They sold out their earlybird tickets in record breaking time, which meant we had to adjust the social media strategy to fit its rapid success. They saw a huge growth on their social media platforms, with an increase in over 9,000 new followers and a 13.2% engagement rate.