We live in an era of ever changing trends with audiences who demand instant gratification, this forces many companies to jump on new trends without truly giving it any strategic thought other than following the herd! Whilst this can still be a beneficial way of getting your getting your brand recognised, it is only a short term solution before people jump onto the new best thing. So why not create a long term brand strategy to make your business?

At Babelfís we work with brands to help them improve their visual identities, create campaigns that knock them straight back on the map and strategically put in place communication plans to help brands get noticed. How do we do all this? Here are some of our Top Tips on how to keep your brand relevant.

1. Total Brand Experience 

Customers today thrive on experiences, with so many options and alternatives, your business can’t afford to be lax on any part of its customers experience. By combining your online presence with your physical business, it will help your brand create a holistic experience that is relevant to its target audience. You can achieve this by creating a communication strategy which is in line with your branding and sends a consistent message throughout all medias and platforms. By creating a total brand experience and interconnecting the quality of your branding throughout your business it will drive footfall and create a loyal customer base.

2. Stand out from the Crowd! Create, Innovate & Engage

Make sure you highlight what makes you different and be authentic. Don’t jump on every new trend, as this is just a short-term solution to get noticed and it can make you lose sight of your own brand identity. Focus on keeping your brand consistent while not being afraid to push limits and create new ideas of your own.

If you are running a physical business by introducing a unique experience for your customers, it will make your business more memorable and increase your returning customers. You must think outside the box because if you don’t someone else will. Having something that is picturesque is always a great idea! Creative cocktails, humorous names for food and props such as bright pink ball pits and neon signs. Having something picturesque will automatically increase your social currency and give you free marketing.

3. Adapt!

Although you should not follow every new trend that falls under the sun, you should adapt your business with changing times. For example, STOP using Facebook as your main platform to promote your business. START using new and growing platforms such a TikTok or Instagram which is constantly evolving letting your business show off its brand in new creative ways. Your company will fall behind if it isn’t communicating its message on the correct platforms. For your brand to be acknowledged and for it to stay relevant you must keep on top of new marketing tools and trends.

Essentially, to get noticed, you must be willing to take risks to create a memorable brand. To keep your brand relevant, you must stay connected with your audience through the correct communication methods. By being customer centric and investing time into finding out what your target audience is truly looking for to make them say WOW, you will remain relevant and gain the customer loyalty you deserve.

If you would like help creating a strong brand identity or to market you brand creatively, why not contact us today to see how we can work together to achieve this.