Your brand identity is what establishes you in the public eye. Not only is it a visual representation of your company but it also showcases how your company differentiates from others. Your brand identity gives you an opportunity to highlight all that is great about your company. Having a strong brand identity increases your competitive advantage as well as brand loyalty and trust. We work with many companies helping them develop their brand, so we wanted to share with you some of our reasons why we feel it is so important;

1. A strong brand identity increases brand recognition and awareness

To be recognisable you must be consistent. Not only with your visual identity but with your content and its tone of voice. This is what will make you known and memorable to customers. Brand recognition builds trust for your brand. Simply put, the more they see you plus your consistent message, the more they will trust what you have to say. A customer will trust a company more if it has a professional and slick website or if their social media channels have good content. They are less likely to trust a website with lots of errors and suspicious posts on their social media accounts.

“Sure, it’s Nike you’re paying for the quality”. We are all guilty of spending that bit more on the well-known brands because we associate being well known as being better quality.  When a small boutique with the same leggings for the price and quality with an unknown brand is seen to be an outrage and “Who would spend €50 on a pair of leggings anyway”. Even a well-known restaurant who post great content of their food and drinks can charge €15 for a dash of cocktail and were only delighted to spend the money because we get to say we have been to this establishment. This just reinforces our point further on why creating a strong brand identity will increase the growth and success of your business.

2. A strong brand identity improves success when launching new products or services

As mentioned previously a well know brand identity instils trust in your brand. Therefore, when launching a new product or service customers will automatically trust that is it good and worth whatever cost. A company famously known for their successful product launches without fail are Apple. They can release a new phone that has a slight difference in the camera and throw another €200 on the price tag and we will all snatch it up, no questions asked. This is because Apple have already proved themselves to be a strong brand. They have become one of the most recognisable brands in the world. This nearly guarantees them success with each new product launch.

3. A strong brand identity helps you stand out from the crowd

By differentiating what make you stand out from the crowd it will give you the competitive advantage you need against leading competitors. This is especially important if your product is entering into a crowded market. For example, coffee trucks have blown up and became a big trend during the pandemic. Business owners had to look at their business idea and visualise except for selling a good cup of coffee how can their company stand out? By creating a brand identity that is simple and recognisable by an Instagram story, you will achieve the social currency you need for success. With a strong brand identity, you will have people travel to try your products or to even to show they were there to try it.

As you have probably guessed by now, at Babelfís we are pretty passionate about building brand identities. We truly believe it can lead your company to success. If you feel your brand could do with some dressing up or a total makeover, why not drop us a message to see where we can help build your brand.