As you may have heard recently, we moved into our new office in Penrose Wharf, right in the heart of Cork City. Although the transition appeared seamless, we have experienced both the challenges and excitement that comes with relocating. However, so far it has been an incredible success and we are extremely grateful to all those who been there to support us along the way. Our new office is a true representation of all the hard work invested behind the scenes over the past 18 years. Repositioning ourselves in Cork City Centre is a great opportunity to continue marketing and communicating our services while further introducing ourselves to the bustling City Centre.

1. Don’t forget the basics!

It may seem obvious, but it’s important to remember to change your location and number on your website and Google. Neglecting to change these, can cause a lot of confusion for you and your customers. To ensure customers are aware you have moved, we would recommend sending out a direct email which includes new address, contact details and even an invitation to drop by to see the new space. Ensuring customers are aware of your move is essential, remember, not everyone uses social media. To inform your wider audience, your business should plan a social media campaign to inform your followers about your move. Social media campaigns are one of the most effective ways of achieving customer engagement, as it will not only inform current followers of the move, it will also attract new potential customers.

2. Content

The opportunities to create fun and organic content when relocating are endless. We had so much fun creating content for our launch and still have so much more to come, but here are some of the ideas we had when making out content plan;

  • Videos of you setting up the new office.
  • Posts about the relocation, for example; why you moved and what is to come.
  • Blogs and articles surrounding the relocation
  • Press releases in local online news sites and newspapers to announce your relocation
  • Interviews with the team about the relocation

It is important to not only create content which is informative about your move but to also create content that showcases what you do.

3. New space, new beginnings

A new office is a symbol of achievement for all the hard work that has gone on behind the scenes over the years for both the business owners and their employees. The excitement that comes with the new space, brings new fresh ideas and motivation amongst the team. Before our move we refreshed the Babelfís visual language to something we felt more accurately represented who we are, this was a separate project, but it most certainly was a visual representation of the growth that was to come. Brand repositioning and evolution is important in reflecting where the company is today, and the company’s future goals.

4. Network & be a part of the community

A welcome party is always a great way to celebrate with customers and colleagues. It also a great opportunity to invite along neighbouring businesses to network and introduce yourself. Meeting your neighbours and supporting the community you have joined is an important aspect of relocating. Introducing yourself to, and supporting businesses surrounding you will showcase your commitment to the area.

To introduce ourselves to the Victorian Quarter, we organised a get together with the local businesses, so that we could get to know one another. This was a great way to get to know the local businesses in an informal setting. To show our support our new neighbours in the Victorian Quarter we had come local restaurants and bars cater food and drinks for us. This was great publicity for their brands on the night as well as ours.

Relocating is a huge opportunity for you and your business. Although relocating can be stressful and has its challenges, it is very rewarding. Our new office has brought so much exciting new opportunities for the future. If your business is relocating and you’re not quite sure where to begin with the branding and marketing of your business, the team at Babelfís would be delighted to help you out and guide you in the right direction.