Let’s talk marketing

It’s funny, marketing is one of the main areas in business that people usually push to the side and don’t have time for, the reason being, it isn’t their forte or they don’t fully understand how to use the platforms properly. Whereas, marketing is one of the most important factors that will drive your business to success. Otherwise, you will essentially be stuck… in this one place…FOREVER! Do I sound dramatic? Maybe, but I’m not wrong. Marketing in your business today is more important than ever. It allows your business to maintain long-lasting and ever-present relationships with your audience. Unfortunately, it’s not a one-time fix, marketing demands an ongoing strategy that will continue to help your business flourish. Growing your customer engagement is the heart of any successful business – this is especially true for SMEs.

Am I being biased? Well let’s take a look at the results taken from a survey with some of the most successful companies in the world say;

It is recommended that companies put 5-10% of their budget towards marketing, within that 25%-30%, should be designated towards content marketing. Marketing is essential for a business’s success, it is the backbone to successfully educating customers and keeping them engaged whilst creating a strong reputation.

Again, I could be biased, but I think it is clear that any high profile business has epic marketing, whether is subtle or in your face they are most definitely using it.

A common mistake for businesses is to invest in marketing once things quiet down. It is actually more beneficial for your business to invest in marketing while things are going well so that you can continue to drive that success and grow your business. Henry Ford once said, “stopping advertising to save money is like stopping a watch to save time”. This means we need to stop looking at marketing as a cost but rather as an investment.

If the reason you don’t have a communication or marketing strategy is because you’re not sure where to begin, let me tell you how we can be of help to you;

Key marketing services we provide at Babeflís are;

  • Social Media Management
  • The Creation, Planning and Management of Paid and Organic Campaigns
  • Content Creation – Which Includes Graphic Design, Photography, Videography and Copywriting.
  • Event Planning

With our expertise in social media strategy, we have helped many businesses develop and grow their brands through various media channels with consistent high-quality content and creative campaigns. We have achieved great results for our clients due to the fine planning and attention to detail. Our offerings don’t end with all things social media, we also offer high-quality content creation and event planning, as well as the planning and distribution of digital and traditional media.

We can just work on certain segments of a business’s marketing plan or fully all aspects. One of the reasons we love to work on a business’s overall marketing strategy is because we can define and deliver a consistent identity and message for the brand. This has proven to be successful with our clients as the standard of the messaging visuals and strategy are harmonious.

I hope this article has given you some insight as to why marketing is vital for your businesses success. If you want to kick start or revamp your marketing strategy in 2022, why not drop us a mail at marketing@babelfis.ie.

Keep an eye out for some more weekly articles on exciting marketing topics and thoughts.