Why CSR is Important in a Company

We’ve probably all heard of the term Corporate Social Responsibility typically known as CSR work, but how many of us really understand what it is, and the benefits it can provide for your business as well as society as a whole? In simple terms, CSR is how an organisation attempts to positively impact the world in which we all live, while reaping the knock-on benefits for their own business.

But why bother partaking in CSR?

By engaging in CSR, a business can attract and retain the best of the best when it comes to employees. Studies have found that 65% of employees prefer to work for organisations that prioritise CSR, and that 80% of employees are more motivated in the workplace if they believe the work that they’re doing is having a positive impact. As well as keeping its employees happy, the business is simultaneously optimising its brand perception amongst its customers, meaning that brand loyalty is strengthened. When it comes to finding the right investors, when a business prioritises and engages with CSR, it attracts the right kind of people to invest in and support your company.

So, yeah. CSR can *somewhat* positively impact any organisation …

And the best news is, there’s no limit to the type of CSR your business can undertake. Whether it’s an ethical approach to sourcing raw materials, positively impacting the environment or simply taking care of your employees, CSR is well worth the investment.

As you may have seen on our socials, we recently undertook our own take on some good-old fashion CSR. During the June Bank Holiday weekend, some members of our team took part in the Cork City Marathon to raise some funds and awareness for the incredible work Helium Arts does. To give you some background, Helium Arts is a children’s art and health charity that provides creative outlets for young people with underlying or complex medical conditions. We were delighted to raise €1,000 for Helium Arts! A special thank you to everyone who supported us along the way.

If we could offer business owners one piece of advice, it would be to get an authentic CSR strategy in place ASAP! Not only does it benefit the society that the business operates in, but the knock-on effects that the business can enjoy pay itself in dividends.

We work with clients on a variety of different marketing strategies, one of them being CSR development and campaigns. If you would like advice on how you could get creative with giving back to your community, why not get in contact today and we can build our communities together!