TikTok is the fastest growing social media platform with the most downloads worldwide and 1 billion monthly users worldwide. It has an unbiased algorithm and doesn’t require promotions for your brand to get reach. TikTok lets you organically reach consumers and a further audience without any financial backing. If you strategically plan your content around trending videos, music and hashtags your videos will gain great attraction reaching people from many parts of the world. Many companies are excelling on this platform as there are so many opportunities to show your business creatively.

TikTok is by far one of the best platforms for businesses to collaborate with influencers on, as there is such a diverse audience using the application. Yes, influencer marketing is nothing new and has already been established for years on other social media platforms, but TikTok does it better and here’s why;

With billions of users, TikTok has a variety of incredible talent ready for businesses to collaborate with. The application lets influencers be authentic and creative in how they showcase your products and services, giving your brand a much more unique ad than a staged photo or scripted speech.

Where many businesses miss the mark on choosing the right influencer for their brand, is by not choosing someone that are a true reflection of what your brand represents or someone who will not put creative thought into the promotion. The key to choosing the right influencer on TikTok is thinking outside the box and not the one with the most followers. Choosing someone who truly believes in your brand and will promote your business naturally as part of their own personal brand. An example of an influencer who puts their 110% into every ad and collaboration with a brand is Miriam Mullins, she always thinks of a creative angle to promote a business in a unique way engaging viewers.

Aside from influencer marketing, TikTok brings many other great benefits to businesses, check out our list below;

Opportunity to get creative and show your company’s personality

These short videos will give your company a chance to show your company’s personality whilst being informative on your offerings. It is also a great way of humanising your brand by letting your employees get involved in creating content for trending songs or videos. These videos always get great attraction as people want to see the faces behind the brand and to be a part of the fun.

You can get more reach to a wider audience and FAST

With over 2 billion downloads of TikTok, you most certainly have a large audience to see your content. By utilising trending challenges, songs and hashtags you will get great engagement and further reach on your posts. The primary newsfeed is your “For You Page”, which is powered by an unbiased algorithm that shows videos based on your key interests, this is extremely beneficial to small businesses and creators.

There is a large number of users on TikTok meaning there is a higher competition to create more creative content and engage your audience 

There is a variety of popular genres on TikTok that businesses and influencers tend to hop on, but TikTok is a very crowded market and to stand out you much be extremely creative in your thinking, meaning instead of just following creates be the brand that creates them. This is how you grow an audience, further your reach and create brand awareness. An example of a business that recently did this and did it extremely well was the #7UpChallenge, this challenge was funny and simple which let everyone and anyone get involved. They currently have 28.9 million views on their hashtag and it is still trending! The key is creating something that is everyone can try not something that only can challenge a particular audience.

Short videos get better engagement 

Short videos require less attention and therefore the information given in those 30 seconds or less or much more valuable and impactful than a 1-minute advertisement. It’s important that videos are kept short to ensure the users stay engaged.

No paid advertising needed

Probably one of the best key selling points of TikTok is that you can reach millions of people without spending a penny. If you are posting engaging and creative content consistently you will gain all the reach you need organically.  In fact, people tend to scroll past ads whereas they stay to watch organic videos as they are more likely to resonate with them.

Wide range of different ways to advertise on TikTok

There are multiple different ways to advertise on TikTok. You can advertise through campaigns, ad groups and ads. Tiktok also lets you add hashtags to the captions of your videos that relate to your business. Hashtags can extend your reach beyond your followers. These hashtags can help the TikTok algorithm with targeting those who would be interested in seeing your content on their “For You Page”.

TikTok has been proven to drive businesses to success through its new and emerging way of advertising. The engagement rate on TikTok has grown massively since it became popular back in 2018 and is very rewarding to businesses who choose to advertise on it. Our advice is simple, get creative and get on TikTok!