As I enter my final week as Marketing Intern with Babelfís, I can honestly say it has been one of the best life experiences I have had so far. If you think you understood marketing from just college, think again! Nothing beats the practicality of learning on the job and what no better place to learn more than Babelfís!

Babelfís is a full-service creative communications agency, and I am so grateful to be the marketing intern they chose to take on this time. The role was exactly what I was looking for, fit my creative personality while also getting experience IN LITERALLY EVERYTHING! It is never a dull moment here at Babelfís and you are given the opportunity to throw yourself into all sorts!

Starting placement, I didn’t feel very confident in some of the practical areas of marketing. I hadn’t had much previous experience in photography and videography, so I had to learn that from scratch and believe it or not the thought of making TikToks daunted me so much! I was quite a shy person, and I was never sure of how to approach people, especially at networking events. I thought I knew how to write content, but I noticed I had a lot of work to do to try and capture the essence of the different clients and use the right tone of voice for different types of written content. Finally, I had always loved design and I knew this was my chance to learn a lot and reach that high standard.

To develop my skills and build on my confidence, it was all down to practice, practice, practice! I kept challenging myself and taking on tasks. My mentors were very good for giving me constructive criticism on what I had created, and it led me to produce high-quality content while I learned from my mistakes and made improvements. I now organise my own shoots and produce video and photo content on my own! From this, I have gained skills in editing, enabling me to create my own reels and other video content as well as photography for social media! When it came to meeting new people, I learned to put myself out there and introduce myself, everyone is in the same boat and just wants someone to talk to. I have also had to communicate and organise my own shoots with clients, which also helped build my confidence. It has led me to meet some amazing people! As a creative communications agency, we have some hugely talented designers, so when I was designing content, I was able to work closely with them. They gave me lots of advice and showed me how important branding and visual identity was! Blog and article writing has helped me develop my writing skills and I now understand how to approach different writing styles. Caption writing has been a particular favourite of mine, trying to push the personalities of the clients through text.

Where I am today, I could never have achieved without Babelfís! My mentors were eager to show me as much as they could and were so patient to help. They wanted to see me improve and achieve goals, they did this by giving me my own responsibilities. I have enjoyed lots of experiences while I have been here like event coordination, working with different clients, and having fun with the Babelfís gang and I have even enjoyed making TikToks (Imagine! Who is this new gal?). But the one experience that has stood out to me the most has been managing social media accounts for one of Babelfís clients. I got to experience it all and have control over the whole process, this included building a repour with the client, communicating, organising and leading shoots, creating content plans, brainstorming content ideas, gathering the content, editing, and then posting to social media accounts. It was rewarding each month to look at the insights and see how well things were performing. Just goes to show that hard work does pay off!

So, if there happens to be an upcoming marketing student reading this and you are looking for placement… Have I convinced you to apply to Babelfís yet? Every year, Babelfís take on marketing interns who are looking to gain hands-on industry experience. Keep an eye on our social media to find out when places become available!