It was a raw September morning in Cork; the air was thick with the fog of war, and the city was filled with a palpable tension. Citizens lined the streets to watch as ten of the county’s most valiant spirits rose from their desks, traded in their business-wear for harnesses, and marched fearlessly to the forest battlegrounds. As the competitors savoured their last moments on solid ground, swiping their cheeks with streaks of war paint and trying to ignore the flashing cameras of the press, a chilling battlecry echoed from far above in the trees:“THIS… IS BATTLE OF THE BRANDS!” There was no turning back now, the games had begun. 

Well, at least that’s how we think it went?

Last Wednesday, Babelfís launched the very first instalment of our new social media series, “Battle of the Brands”. Inspired by Ireland’s Fittest Family and America’s Total Wipe-Out, the series features local brands going head-to-head in action-packed competitions around Cork. The battles kicked off with a challenge of great heights —- a treetop obstacle course at ZipIt Cork, where Babelfís took on leading car dealership, Johnson & Perrott.

Each brand came with five employees ready to take on the challenge. After strapping into the harnesses and going through the safety training, this group of car dealers, graphic designers, and marketers, found themselves nearly 20 meters off the ground, walking across tightropes and zipping through the trees. The course took both physical and mental strength; the competitors were hoisting themselves up ladders, jumping off from stomach-churning heights, and even balancing on skateboards and bicycles between the trees. Certainly not a challenge for the faint of heart.

Okay okay let’s get to the important part: which brand came out the triumphant winner?

Every time a player couldn’t make it past an obstacle and had to tap out,  a point was deducted from their team. However, both Johnson & Perrott and Babelfis proved to be quite the competition, not one player caved until the very last obstacle. The course finished with a rock climbing wall that did both brands in. Three players from each team fell, and two brave souls made it to the top.

The remaining two players from each team went on to complete ZipIt’s most challenging course, this time against the clock. Once again, the competition was neck-and-neck, all players completed the course but by the skin of our teeth Babelfís was declared the winner. Overall it was a day of high-altitudes, high-adrenaline levels, high-spirits, and great craic.

Check out episode one on our Instagram here or on our TikTok here. There is also, you guessed it, a very epic bloopers reel on both platforms.

I guess the only question that remains is —- do you have what it takes to face the Babelfis team? To volunteer as tribute for our next battle, email [email protected]. But be warned, the next challenge takes airborne danger to a whole new level.