Imagine a world without design.

Design is everywhere. Whether you see it or not, the world we live in is impacted massively by design and design choices. Think about it … packaging, shopfronts, tickets, way finding systems, posters, websites, all the way down to things as tiny as match boxes, the list goes on and on. Nothing is coincidence. Someone or some studio is responsible for that creation.

Imagine a world where everything looked the same… How mundane would that be?

In recent years the branding of cigarettes has been made illegal in 17 countries, Australia, Canada, France, Ireland, Israel, New Zealand, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovenia, Thailand, Turkey, UK, Uruguay, Belgium, Hungary, and the Netherlands. They all follow the same guidelines now. They all look the exact same, the only difference is the brand changes. If this act was to be applied to all products it would be disastrous. In the case of cigarettes the motive is transparent and perhaps effective but also highlights how stripping brands of their identities could be scarily impacting on the visual world. It would become a very dull and boring place.

I remember in my first year in Visual Communications I hadn’t ever considered how different typefaces can make one feel and how each and every one of them withhold personalities and rhythms. I started looking at shopfronts and observing the typefaces chosen for all different types of industries. I suddenly started to notice how some were pure perfection, some were just plain mad (which are actually my secret fave) and others I just didn’t like. Even when we don’t like a certain design of something, It’s not necessarily a bad thing because it means you’re developing taste. If nothing is good then nothing is bad. Design is what aids visual versatility in the world and I love it for that. Design has the ability to activate emotion and add elegance, grace, chaos, calmness and even humour to our lives. Once you start to tune into the world of design you can’t un-see it.

Design doesn’t only bring colour to the world but creates structure. Even the simplest everyday things like filling out a form at the doctors or a receipt printed in the supermarket these are documents of design. They may not have a flare or be examples of aesthetically pleasing design but they are a perfect showcase of function. Not all design can be pretty but not all design is meant to be pretty. Design is so important so please TRUST YOUR DESIGNERS. Let us create a well designed and interesting place to live.