Branding your new business is one of the biggest and most important challenges you will face. But don’t let this send you into a panicked frenzy! Think of it this way.. You have a blank canvas to create the perfect image! But where to start? Well, having recently rebranded ourselves at Babelfís, here are 5 tips for branding your new business.

1. Know Your Market

Really, the first place to start when branding your startup is your audience. Everything you do from the beginning, should be based on who you want to experience your brand. Being able to connect and create lasting relationships with your clients/customers is key to success.
Ask yourself, who exactly is your target market? What are they looking for? What do they need? How can my business best connect with them? All of your branding decisions should then be made with your target market in mind.

2. Have a Clear Vision and Values

Your startup must have a goal and a vision for the work it will do in the future. Alexander Hamilton (one of the founding fathers of the US… just in case!) said, “Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.” And he is most certainly right! Essentially ask yourself, what does my company want to do for the world and how is it going to achieve it?

Having values as a company is essential to connect with your market. If someone can identify with your values, the more likely they are to connect with you. Your values should be distinctive and meaningful to you.

3. Have a Memorable Name & Logo

A solid name along with a strong visual identity for your business is crucial! Even the most obscure names for businesses rarely have no meaning! Obviously, we here at Babelfís are firm believers in unusual names! Don’t be afraid to be different! But remember, always do a search to see if your name has been used before and if a website domain is available!

Once you have a name sorted, you need a logo! This isn’t “just a logo”, this will be used across all of your material going forward. Your logo needs to be instantly recognisable and memorable. Ensure that it reflects the tone and personality you want to convey about your business. Don’t be afraid of colour and creative language! Most importantly, remember, a logo is for life not just for starting out!

4. Have a Strong Online Presence & Website

We are in an “always-on” world, where the majority of our time is now spent online in some shape or form. This is why it’s so important for your startup to have a powerful online presence from the get-go! You need to reach your target market through a number of platforms in an engaging way. Social Media platforms are all about interaction. Think about ease of sharing your content and ways to get your audience involved. Get creative with your content and do something your customers will remember.

Equally for your website, we need to realise while most people today will have a website not all of them are successful. Your website needs to to be visually dynamic while also being user friendly. Your website should showcase your brand personality. Spend time refining the language you want to use and creating quality content. It should be a balance between good design and functionality.

5. Consider a Blog

We love a good blog at Babelfís! Now we’re not suggesting you become the next big influencer, but keeping an up to date blog with content targeting your customers/clients can be really useful for a startup. Especially when it comes to having an online presence. This shows your business is in the know, you’re clued in to your industry. You’re interested in new trends and whats going on in the world around you. Not only this, but you can establish yourself as a trusted source and also drive more traffic to your website! Win Win!