5 important factors when managing social media accounts

My fellow social media managers, how often do you hear this sentence? “You’re so lucky your job is so easy all you do is take pictures and post them”. Yes, I am very lucky and I adore my job but it is most certainly not easy. This job requires a huge level of creativity, organisation and planning skills. There is a great responsibility that comes with managing a business’s social media as they are trusting you to be their voice through their platforms.

Throughout our time managing social media platforms we have learnt that by following these 5 important factors we will achieve the best results for our clients;

Consistent quality

When you first start taking over a business social media account, it is important to take your time and listen to what your client is looking for. Trialling different lighting, angles and styles when capturing your content is vital to finding the perfect style for their brand. By taking the time to do this you will get the best quality photos and set a standard going forward.

Start as you mean to go on

Sometimes marketing agencies and social media managers get a bad reputation for favouring certain clients or dropping the ball after a period of time. This can result in the quality of the work losing its creative edge, deadlines not being hit or simply there is a lack of effort being put in. This is exactly how your business will lose clients and gain a bad reputation within the industry. At Babelfís, we approach all projects with the same excitement and creativity that we had from the first day that we began working with that client. Yes, we’ve all had days where we’ve hit a creative roadblock, but it is how you deal with it and push forward to creating something even better than before, that is what reflects you as a business. Therefore, setting a standard and only improving that standard as you progress is how you will be successful in this industry.

Plan, Plan and Plan Again

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “fail to prepare, prepare to fail” and nothing could be more true when it comes to managing social media accounts. Being organised and planning in advance is simply the most essential part to becoming a successful social media manager. To achieve the best results for our clients, we follow a checklist to ensure the smooth running of each account, here is what this looks like;

1. Researching and creative planning around what is the most engaging content for your client.

2. Creating a content plan for the first cycle.

3. Organising photoshoots for capturing and creating the content for each business’s social media accounts.

4. Editing content and copywriting for each post.

5. Scheduling content.

6. Performance analysis of each platform.

7. Planning for the next cycle of content.

By always planning ahead, we are always able to make room for spontaneous requests such as press releases, competitions or good news stories. This way we can always be attentive and never miss a beat with our clients.

Think outside of the box!

By planning in advance, our team is able to take time to think outside the box, showcasing new exciting ideas and producing a higher quality of content for our clients.

When a business chooses someone to run their social media it is because they believe that person can achieve something they otherwise couldn’t. It is our job to make our clients stand out from the crowd in authentic and creative ways. It is important to take the time to brainstorm and put our expertise to work!

Attention to Detail

It goes without saying that attention to detail is a must while managing multiple social media accounts. We are all human and things do slip through the cracks, but when it comes to another person’s business there should be steps put in place to avoid these simple errors from happening. Before posting content, you should ask yourself these questions:

Does this sound right?

If you’re not confident about a caption on a post or the text in a graphic, why not ask someone else’s opinion, there is absolutely no shame in asking someone to read over your content and to get feedback. This can avoid simple small mistakes that otherwise could be missed and to ensure you always have your best foot forward.

Is this in line with their brand guidelines?

While managing content for multiple different businesses, you must keep in mind their brand guidelines and who their target audience is. It is important to ask yourself this question throughout the process of creating your content plan, while capturing the content and whilst you write the copy to go with the post. Not fully understanding a brand’s messaging can lose the interest of their customers so it is important to take time to get a feel for it before you begin posting.

These are just a couple of our important tips for running social media successfully. We have achieved some great results for our clients while managing their social media and we could help you too! If you would like to up your social media game, why not get in touch and we can work together to achieve new creative goals for your platforms.